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Managing Waste & Disposal

Managing Waste & Disposal

Waste has become an expensive material to dispose. Our environmental is a highly regulated world of compliance, legislation, operator training, health and safety and that is before we talk about operating 30 HGV vehicles! It is sometimes very hard for the person on the street to grasp all of this.

Luckily people are more aware of waste responsibilities and aware that it must be managed correctly and indeed the law insists that any producer of waste is a part of the process. You have a Duty of Care to ensure that it is disposed of at a licensed facility and obtain documentation to prove it.  

You will hopefully be aware by now of recycling from your own indicatives in the home place. We are no different. All your waste is passed through sorting mechanisms to extract value, reusable parts, and reducing the amount we send to landfill. We are very pleased to report that this no means that some 95 % is diverted from landfill, with further improvements each year.

All our waste is processed through our four regional transfer stations. Whilst our Leiston, Bury St Edmund and Ardleigh site achieve a primary sort, our main Tattingstone location south of Ipswich provides the final secondary screening together with the asbestos landfill facility. The waste is sorted into items such as wood, green waste, soils and aggregates to name a few.

Can we bring it to you?

Yes, you can and a number of individuals and companies do rather than having skips. We will charge a fee subject to the type of waste and quantity. We are particularly popular with asbestos disposal for instance.

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