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Asbestos Disposal

Most people are aware of the associated risks of handling asbestos with good reason. That said, you should not over paying for asbestos removal. Collins can assist. Many people also think that disposal is prohibitively expensive. It need not be.

Why is it dangerous?

There is good information available that highlight the dangers and the reasons why. The principle risk is inhalation of the fine dust fibres leading to respiratory complications. This needs to be the focus of all aspects of disposal.

What is the dangerous asbestos dust ?

Asbestos that was used in insulation, ceiling and soffit boards, some tile adhesive contain forms of asbestos is still around you today. Due to their fibrous or loose state, they can become airborne and inhaled that much easier. These are categorised as ‘reportable’ and must be dealt with by licensed contractors on site. A pre-survey should identify the asbestos type but we can still test any suspect materials for you. Sometimes just the year of build will be enough. Generally speaking, its use was outlawed around the mid-1980s.

What other asbestos is there then?

Luckily most asbestos exists in a bonded / cement form and less likely to be released as dust with common sense. This form is NOT reportable and can be handled with care by you. We can help you on this with helpful tips and advice.

How do we collect it?

Various options, but one thing is important is that it needs to be bagged and wrapped to control loose fibres from escaping both in transport and at point of disposal. All asbestos needs to be registered by way of Consignment Note which we supply. This provides critical and reassuring information on the waste, the transportation and ultimately the correct disposal. This is a legal document. Please refer to our link here WASTE Consignment

But, yes, you can deliver it?

We operate from both our Tattingstone and Bury branches to receive visitors for third party disposal, especially convenient for customers wanting to bring the waste themselves.

What makes up the cost?

We charge for disposal of the material, a transport charge if we are collecting it and the consignment note. Costs will vary with quantity and location. We recognise that some people have very small amounts and we reflect that in the charge.

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