Asbestos Disposal

Collins is a registered contractor for handling asbestos and the disposal of the material at its own landfill facility.

Most people are aware of the dangers of handling asbestos – the main risk being the inhalation of fine dust fibres, leading to respiratory complications.

Luckily most asbestos exists in a bonded cement form such as roofs and panels, and is less likely to be released as dust. This form is NOT reportable and can be disposed of with care by individuals into a skip. Our team will happily advise you.

However, asbestos used in insulation, ceiling and soffit boards, and some tile adhesive can pose a risk and must be handled by a registered contractor. Fibres can become airborne and inhaled, and as a result this type of asbestos IS reportable. A pre-survey should identify the asbestos type, but we can still test any suspect materials for you.

asbestos disposalAll asbestos needs to be received to site either bagged up with 1000-gauge plastic to stop fibres from escaping or in an enclosed skip.

All loads are registered on a Consignment Note which we supply and is reported to the Environment Agency. This legal document provides important information on the material, its transportation and correct disposal.

Customers – commercial (with a current waste carriers’ licence) or residential (under exemption) – can bring the asbestos themselves to our Tattingstone or Bury St Edmunds operating sites, or we can arrange to collect it.

Many people believe that disposal is very expensive, but it need not be. We charge for the material’s disposal and its collection, if applicable, and the Consignment Note. Costs vary with quantity and location, but we consider that some people are disposing of very small amounts and we work with those people to offer the most cost effective solution for the customer.

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